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 Abhishegam and Prasaadham (Details)   
Lord Panchamuga Anjaneyar
          The messenger, The Friend, The Helper, The one who has surrendered himself in the feet of Sri Rama Lakshmana Sita holds Lord Ram in his heart. There are many temples for Lord Anjaneyar. But Panchamuga Anjaneyar is not found everywhere. The five faces are Anjaneyar, Varahar, Narasimhar, Hayagreevar, Garudar.

          It is a well known fact that after the conclusion of Rama Avatar, Lord Ram requested Anjaneyar to come to Vaikuntam (residence of Maha Vishnu). Lord Anjaneyar replied since the sound of "Sri Ram, Sri Ram" is forever heard in the Earth, he considers Earth as Vaikuntam and asked permission to stay in this Earth itself. Having granted permission, Lord Ram blessed Anjaneyar to vanish the sins of his devotees untill the end of Kaliyuga.

          Normally for Panchamuga Anjaneyar there will be 3 faces front facing, the other two faces inclusive of Narasimhar and Hayagrivar will be facing top and back side respectively. In Gowrivakkam Panchamuga Anjaneyar temple the five faces are faced front. That is a kind of deity which is unique in its kind and is very rare to find.

          The five faces and their responsibilities:
  • Anjaneyar the devotee of Lord Ram and a chiranjeevi who is still living in this earth. He is omni present where ever Rama Nama is repeated. He saves us from accidents.
  • Demon Madula Kadapa was killed by Sri Hayagrivar who saved and returned vedas to Lord Brahma. Lord Hayagriva is a person who bestoves intellect(intelligence) and knowledge.
  • Demon Hiranyakasupu was killed by Lord Narasimha, who vades away ghosts, goblins and destroys enemies.
  • Demon Hiranyakshan was killed by Lord Varaha, who restored earth and the Godess of earth. He is the bestover of wealth, power, luck, oppurtunities.
  • Lord Garuda who is the vahana of Lord Vishnu is responsible for saving person from poison bites and many health related issues.

          Lord Anjaneyar with Sri Varaha Narasmha Hayagriva Garuda face bestows and fulfills ones wish like a Kalpaka Vriksham in this Gowrivakkam Anjaneyar Temple.